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About Ed-Lib

Sonia Arora is a teaching artist who develops interdisciplinary programs, most of which are literature or media based; she designs

classes and curriculum for adults and youth who want to explore poetry, fiction, memoir, oral history, film-making, digital media. Ed-Lib aspires to create learning that ultimately leads to personal and social liberation. 


Multi-week or multi-session residencies are for youth ages 8-18 in schools throughout Long Island and New York City. Everything is project-based and supports students in making learning relevant, rigorous and meaningful.


One recent project, called Autobiography in the Age of the Selfie, used selfies, as launching pads into exploring identity, life journeys and how these stories can be shaped for college essays. In addition, Sonia partnered with a theater expert who worked with students on developing their voice and confidence as they presented their stories to an audience.


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About Sonia

Sonia Arora has been teaching literature and humanities for almost 20 years. Her work as a teaching artist takes her into classrooms across Long Island, New York City and Philadelphia where she explores oral history, digital media, poetry, activism, and film-making with youth in elementary, middle and high schools. She has published short fiction, poetry and essays. Publications include: Apiary; Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching; Prompted, an anthology printed by Philadelphia Stories, 3-2-1 Contact, Sonic Boom, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Biostories, Lunch Ticket and more. Last year, one of her poems was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She has studied writing with Frederic Tuten, Terrance Hayes, Porochista Khakpour, and Jenn Givhan. 

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